Fact is scarier than fiction…


Ten years before the Claremont serial killings, the disappearance of four women from around Perth, some from the same Highway the Claremont victims were abducted from, hardly raise any media attention.

Claremont is an upmarket, ritzy suburb of Perth. It is a place of trendy bars, nightclubs and cafes. A popular place with the young crowd. A place where you went to have fun. People would tell you that nothing bad could ever happen in Claremont. That all changed on Friday the 26th of January, 1996.

The Burgate house was a secluded mansion on the edge of the New Forest in Hampshire, England. It was 8:30pm, on the 1st of September 1986. The residents had just finished dinner and were about to enjoy dessert. And that’s when three men wearing stocking masks and armed with a shotgun and pick axes burst into the dining room…

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