Case 1

The Wanda Beach Murders

*** Content Warning: child victims, child sexual assault ***

On January 11 1965, 15-year-old Christine Sharrock and Marianne Schmidt spent the day at Wanda Beach in Cronulla with Marianne’s four younger siblings. After lunch, the two teenagers told the children they were going to fetch their bags from the southern end of the beach but never returned. 

The following day, the brutally murdered bodies of Christine and Marianna were found hidden in the sand dunes near the Wanda Surf Club. It was one of the most horrific crimes Australia had ever seen but despite an exhaustive investigation, police were unable to identify the killer. Decades on, the mystery remains.



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The Wanda Beach Murders  Alan Whiticker

As Crime Goes By: The life and times of ‘Bondi’ Bill Jenkings – Bill Jenkings, Norm Lipson, and Tony Barnao



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TV segment by Crime Investigation Australia

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