Case 102

Britt Lapthorne

21-year-old Britt Lapthone developed a passion for travel at a young age, so it came as no surprise to her friends and family when she announced her plans to backpack solo through Europe. In mid-2008, Britt took off in search of adventure, lapping up many unforgettable experiences before eventually arriving in the Croatian town of Dubrovnik.  

After seeing the sights of the medieval city, Britt joined some fellow backpackers for a night out at local hotspot, Club Fuego. The next morning, they found her hostel bed empty but her mobile phone, passport and belongings right where she left them. Was she just another Aussie who had too much to drink in a foreign country, or was she the victim of something far more serious?



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Narration – Anonymous Host



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Coroner’s Inquest into the Death of Britt Lapthorne



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Disappearance leaves walled city in shock – The Sydney Morning Herald

Mother’s plea: ‘Why hasn’t Britt been found?’ – The Sydney Morning Herald

Searching for Britt – The Sydney Morning Herald

‘No stone unturned’ in search for Britt: PM – The Sydney Morning Herald

Britt’s disappearance not reported for two days – The Sydney Morning Herald

Claims Britt security footage was wiped – The Sydney Morning Herald

Mystery on Britt Footage – Herald Sun

Britt Lapthorne was set to meet up with fellow traveller again –

Privacy fears led to delay on Britt case – The Sydney Morning Herald

Britt’s Russian room-mate revealed – The Sydney Morning Herald

Bouncer saw missing Britt leave club with two men – The Age

Britt Lapthorne’s mum ‘heartbroken’ over promiscuous claims –

Police take owner’s son to Dubrovnik hostel – The Sydney Morning Herald

Lapthorne case: hostel son set to be released – The Sydney Morning Herald

Croatian police chief sacked – Brisbane Times

Photofit faces under investigation – Nacional Dnevno Online

Please help me find my Britt: father Dale Lapthorne pleads – The Daily Telegraph

Family speaks of body find ‘nightmare’ – The Sydney Morning Herald

Britt Lapthorne’s body ‘weighed down’ – The Sydney Morning Herald

Family search for Britt’s body parts – The Sydney Morning Herald

Father to share Britt’s final journey home – The Sydney Morning Herald

A picnic in the sun to remember Britt’s spirit – The Sydney Morning Herald

Hundreds mourn Britt by candlelight – The Sydney Morning Herald

Parents hold private funeral for Britt – The Sydney Morning Herald

Mourners gather, in mauve and red, for Britt Lapthorne – The Sydney Morning Herald

Mourners gather to remember Lapthorne – The Sydney Morning Herald

‘A real character’: tears and laughter as proud family remembers Britt Lapthorne – The Sydney Morning Herald

Family gathers for Britt Lapthorne memorial – The Sydney Morning Herald

Backpacker Britt wasn’t only victim – The Advertiser

No evidence of violence: Britt autopsy – The Age

Britt Lapthorne: Coroner to deliver open finding on death of Australian backpacker in Croatia – ABC News

Aussie travellers Britt Lapthorne, Michelle Smith and Jette Jacob were hunted by killers as they sought love, adventure or fun overseas – Herald Sun

Top cop raises hope on Britt – The Sydney Morning Herald

Britt Lapthorne breakthrough: Croatian police back down on suicide theory –

Sleep the only way for Britt’s mother to escape her living nightmare – The Sydney Morning Herald

Croatian judge Djordjo Benussi swims against Britt Lapthorne storm –

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