Case 107

Lucie Blackman & Carita Ridgway

*** Content Warning: sexual assault, serial rapist ***

In early 2001, 21-year old Lucie Blackman left her job as a flight attendant for British Airways in search of new adventures. She embarked on a working holiday to Japan, where she secured a job as a hostess at Club Casablanca in Tokyo’s bustling Roppongi district. Lucie struggled with the transition, writing in her diary: “I’m not coping well here. I can’t pull myself out of this hole I’ve fallen into… I just want to disappear.”

A month later, Lucie left for a private dohan date with a customer and never returned. Police palmed it off as western wanderlust, but Lucie’s loved ones weren’t convinced. When two witnesses come forward to report some disturbing behaviour, the investigation suddenly takes a grisly turn.



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