Case 110

Muriel McKay

On December 29 1969, News of the World deputy chairman Alick McKay returned to his manor in London’s upscale Wimbledon district to find the place ransacked. His wife, Muriel McKay, was nowhere to be seen. 

Hours later, Alick received a phone call from the “Mafia 3” demanding one million pounds for Muriel’s safe return. Investigators were dubious – there had never been kidnapping for ransom in London before and they weren’t convinced it was genuine. However, as the threats continued to escalate, there was no time to waste.



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Brothers; The Trial of the Brothers Hosein for the Murder of Mrs. McKay – William Cooper

The Rise and Fall of the Murdoch Empire – John Lisners



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Great Crimes and Trials: Episode 20 – The McKay Kidnapping

Interview with Alick McKay



Case of European Court of Human Rights, March 4 1985: Hosein V. The United Kingdom

The McKay Kidnapping Crime Files – Crime Investigation UK

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