Case 130

Joe Cinque

*** Content Warning: suicide, mental illness, eating disorders ***

On Sunday, October 26 1997, an emergency services dispatcher in Canberra received a hysterical call from a young woman who refused to provide clear answers to basic questions. Between sobs, she requested an ambulance to treat a suspected heroin overdose. 

Paramedics eventually arrived at a townhouse on Antill Street, where they found 26-year-old Joe Cinque unresponsive. His girlfriend, Anu Singh, threw herself on Joe’s body and pleaded, “You have to bring him back… It wasn’t supposed to happen this way! We were supposed to go together.” 

While it was obvious that this was no ordinary drug overdose, the question remained – was it an accident?



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Joe Cinque’s Consolation: a true story of death, grief and the law – Helen Garner


COURT DOCUMENTS (accessed via Austlii database)

The Queen v Madhavi Rao [1999] ACTSC 132

The Queen v Anu Singh [1999] ACTSC 32

The Queen v Anu Singh [1999] ACTSC 27

The Queen v Anu Singh [1999] ACTSC 66

The Queen v Anu Singh [1999] ACTSC 28



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