Case 145

Michael Dippolito

On the morning of August 5 2009, 26-year-old Dalia Dippolito was working out when she received a voicemail from a detective at the Boynton Beach Police Department. He instructed Dalia to return to her home immediately, saying, “It involves your husband. There’s been an incident. I’ll tell you everything you need to know when you get here.”

Dalia pulled into the newly developed community of Renaissance Commons where she and her husband Michael Dippolito had recently purchased a townhouse. The street was full of police officers and camera crews. Dalia broke down as she was told that gun shots had been heard and Michael had been killed. She began to tell detectives about a string of strange events that had been occurring lately.



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CASE NUMBER: 50-2009-CF-009771-AXXX-MB – Palm Beach County 

State of Florida v Michael Dippolito, Case Number 02004681CF10A – Broward County

Written Opinions of the Florida District Court of Appeal, 4th Division – Florida District Court of Appeal Documents

24 February 2020, Order List, Certiorari, Summary Dispositions – Supreme Court of the United States 



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Dalia arranges with Mohamed to meet the hit man – 1 August 2009

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Dalia’s full police interview video – 5 August 2009 

Mike’s full police interview video – 5 August 2009

Dalia’s call to her mother from jail – 5 August 2009

Dalia’s call to Mike (Dippolito) from jail – 5 August 2009

The Today Show ‘Man whose wife hired hit man: I don’t get it’ – Brodie and Freidman on YouTube (10 August 2009) 

The Today Show ‘Caught on tape: Wife accused of hiring hit man to murder husband’ – The Today Show NBC Archives (transcipt only) (19 November 2009)

COPS S224E3 ‘Smooth Criminal’ – 24 September 2011 (via Vimeo/YouTube) 

20/20 “The Woman in the Video – ABC’s 20/20 (YouTube) (4 December 2015) The is in several parts, and the other links are underneath this first video.

Camera records wife allegedly hiring hitman to kill husband: part 2 – ABC News (5 December 2015)

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Poison Candy: The Murderous Madam: Inside Dalia Dippolito’s Plot to Kill – by Elizabeth Parker



Claypool Law Firm  

Claypool Media

Atlantic Florida Properties



Chapter 948 – Probation and Community Control – Florida Statutes Title XLVII: Criminal Procedure and Corrections, 900.01 – 985.8025 



Task force dissolved after arrests of ‘Buck Wild’ gang members – South Florida Sun Sentinel / The Palm Beach Post (20 April 2010)

Buck Wild member sentenced to 25 years in prison – Palm Beach Post (8 July 2011)

Update: Dalia Dippolito retrial jury leans toward deadlock – Post on Courts (13 December 2016)

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Dalia Dippolito retrial ends in mistrial, third trial imminent – Sun Sentinel (15 December 2016)

Mistrial, second retrial in Dalia Dippolito murder-for-hire case – Kevin J. Kulik (Fort Lauderdale criminal attorney) (22 December 2016)

Records reveal when, where Dalia Dippolito had baby – WPBF News (11 January 2017)

Dalia Dipplito found guilty in third murder-for-hire trial – Local10 (16 June 2017)

Dalia Dippolito informant found unconscious in motel room with dead woman – ABC WPBF News (5 July 2017)

Dalia Dippolito juror talks ‘sleeping juror – Fox 20 (20 July 2017)

Dalia Dippolito sentenced to 16 years in prison – Palm Beach Post (21 July 2017)

‘Doesn’t make any f-ing sense!’: Mike DIppolito snaps at lawyer during Dalia’s sentencing – Law and Crime (21 July 2017)

Is Dalia Dippolito plotting a jailbreak? Hitman-hiring newlywed caught discussing an escape – Inside Edition (4 August 2017)

Identity of Dalia Dippolito’s bay’s father revealed during hearing – Palm Beach Post (10 August 2017)

Man finds love again months after ex-wife is convicted of trying to hire hit man to kill him – WSLS (5 September 2017)

Dalia Dippolito files appeal seeking fourth trial in murder-for-hire case – Sun Sentinel (8 March 2018)

State: Denie Dalia Dippolito fourth trial in murder-for-hire case – Sun Sentinel (6 August 2018)

Dalia Dippolito’s former lover charged with stalking, intimidation – 12 News (10 June 2019)

No appeal for woman caught hiring fake hit man on TV. Florida Justices Rule – (4 September 2019)





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