Case 16

Chris & Cru Kahui

*** Content Warning: child victims, abuse ***

When three-month-old twins Chris and Cru Kahui were admitted to Auckland’s Starship Children’s Hospital with serious injuries, doctors immediately suspected someone had intentionally harmed the helpless infants. They’d both suffered traumatic brain injuries and Chris also had a broken femur.

It was clear that this was no accident. Further investigation determined Chris and Cru had been injured at the same time, by the same person. But who would want to hurt the babies and why was the family so reluctant to cooperate with police?



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Chris Kahui released from jail – First news report media clip



Breaking Silence: The Kahui Case – by Ian Wishart



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The Panel with Gary McCormick and Penny Ashton (Part 1) – Radio New Zealand

Report finds Kahui twins died in father’s care – Radio New Zealand

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Chris Kahui legal aid bill rises – Radio New Zealand

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