Case 164

Cindy James

During the 1980s, Canadian nurse Cindy James was tormented by an unknown assailant at her home in Vancouver, British Columbia. She was subject to threatening phone calls, break-ins, arson attacks and even physical assaults. Cindy tried everything to protect herself, from installing an alarm system to moving house, but nothing – not even her policeman roommate – could deter the assailant.

When a hypnosis session reveals a chilling memory between Cindy and her ex-husband, Roy Makepeace, she begins to suspect that her stalker could be closer to home. But who exactly had it out for Cindy James, and why?



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Research & writing – Jessica Forsayeth

Creative direction – Milly Raso

Narration – Anonymous Host



‘Flatline intro’ and ‘Come play with me’ intro and outro –

Audio production – Mike Migas 

Scoring – Mike Migas and Andrew Joslyn



Logo and website design – Paulina Szymanska




Who Killed My Sister, My Friend – Melanie Hack



Dead nurse led normal life before threats, father says – The Vancouver Sun

We could have done better for Cindy – The Province 

Mysterious death leaves questions – Richmond Review

Mystery death: bizarre twists – The Province

Terror drama – The Province

James death mystery remains – Richmond Review

James inquest expected in fall – Richmond Review

Body believed to be missing Richmond nurse – The Vancouver Sun

Police rule out foul play in death of nurse found hog-tied in bushes – Times Colonist

Body is nurses – The Province

Dead woman wanted gun, infra-red alarm – The Vancouver Sun

Woman’s death ‘not foul play’ – The Province

Private investigator puzzled by police report in James case – The Vancouver Sun

Police baffled by disappearance – Richmond Review

Obituary – Cindy James – The Province

Somebody tailed Cindy – The Province

Family, friends recall nurse’s kindness – The Vancouver Sun

Mounties hope toxic tests will help solve nurse’s death – The Vancouver Sun

Abduction feared by father – The Vancouver Sun

Nurse knew killer, friends say – The Vancouver Sun

Suicide doubted – The Province

Stalked for years, nightmare became reality for murdered nurse – The Vancouver Sun

Stories perpetuate wrong attitudes – The Province 

Coroner’s jury to hear of mysterious incidents – The Vancouver Sun

Threats, attacks preceded deaths – The Province

Nurse changed her story – The Province

Nurse failed polygraph tests, inquest told – The Vancouver Sun

Opinion changed, Mountie on stand at inquest into death of Cindy James – The Province

Bizarre chronology ended in nurse’s death – The Vancouver Sun

Mysteries recounted – The Province

Cindy James inquest was startled by RCMP lie detector testimony – Richmond Review

James inquest hears of 1984 kidnap claim – The Vancouver Sun

Man asked about security, probe into nurse’s death told – The Vancouver Sun

Gory story told under hypnosis – The Province

James recalled blood tale – The Vancouver Sun

Ex-husband denies role in James’ tales of violence – The Vancouver Sun

The strange death of Cindy James – The Province

Haunting tapes heard at inquest – Times Colonist

Cyclist found James with stocking around neck, inquest told – The Vancouver Sun

Found bleeding, staggering – The Province

James’ psychiatrist fears breach of confidentiality – The Vancouver Sun

Ex-husband rips police – The Province

Victim sets fires, claims police prober – The Vancouver Sun

Self-made terror possible, doctor tells James enquiry – The Vancouver Sun

James “hurt herself” – The Province

James’ family establishes bursary – The Vancouver Sun

Inquest witness gives testimony on bizarre events – The Vancouver Sun

Police told house fire started by ex-husband – The Vancouver Sun

Probe told of James’ diagnosis – The Vancouver Sun

Her ‘perfect suicide’ a frame for murder – The Province

James felt ‘something big would happen’ – The Province

Surveillance camera set up near home of nurse, probe told – The Vancouver Sun

Expert ropes own limbs, says Cindy could have – Times Colonist

‘Sent over the edge – The Province

Expert on knots shows James’ suicide possible – The Province

James was happy, inquest told – The Vancouver Sun

Mountie cites clues ruling out foul play – The Vancouver Sun

Multiple personalities suggested at James probe – The Vancouver Sun

Time the essence in nurse’s death – The Province

Doctor made knife threat, James inquiry told – The Vancouver Sun

Ex-husband blames poor psychiatric care in James death – The Vancouver Sun

Book foretold of fatal final chapter – The Vancouver Sun



The Deaths of Cindy James – Neal Hall

Who Killed Cindy James – Ian Mulgrew



Cindy dead meat soon aduio

Who Killed Richmond Nurse, Cindy James?





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