Case 166

The Family

*** Content Warning: extreme sexual violence, child victims, child abuse, LGBTQ+ victims ***

In 1979, residents of Adelaide were gripped by fear when several young men began to go missing under mysterious circumstances. 17-year-old Alan Barnes, 25-year-old Neil Muir, 14-year-old Peter Stogneff, 18-year-old Mark Langley and 15-year-old Richard Kelvin were later found dumped in the Adelaide Hills and surrounds. They had been drugged and subject to horrific sexual abuse and torture. 

The group responsible for the murders was dubbed “The Family” and a desperate hunt ensued to identify the individuals involved. The roots of The Family ran deep and it was suspected that some members held prominent positions of power in South Australia. Could The Family ever be caught? And how many other young men had met a violent end at their hands?



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