Case 172

Michael Gregsten & Valerie Storie

In August 1961, a couple by the name of Michael Gregsten and Valerie Storie were sitting in their Morris Minor car in Dorney Reach, UK, when an intruder forced his way into the back seat brandishing a gun and took them for a drive all over the English countryside. After hours, the man shot Michael Gregsten and then raped and shot Valerie Storie, leaving them on the side of the road at a location known as Deadman’s Hill.

Two suspects soon emerged – James Hanratty and Peter Alphon. James Hanratty was soon arrested, charged and in April 1962 hanged for the attack which had come to be called “The A6 Murder.”  

However, many people believed that James Hanratty was innocent and that a grave miscarriage of justice had been committed. Support from celebrities including John Lennon and Yoko Ono fuelled these suspicions and when Peter Alphon publicly confessed to the crime, it seemed as though an innocent life had been taken.

DNA evidence kept from the crime scene finally put to rest decades of speculation when technology allowed for conclusive testing in 2002. Was there a miscarriage of justice? Or did Scotland Yard get the right man?



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James Hanratty: The A6 Murder Crime Files

Hanratty Judgement



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R v Hanratty [2002] EWCA Crim 1141

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