Case 181

The Vampire of Nuremberg

During the early 1970s, cemeteries and mortuaries throughout Germany were targeted by a particularly disturbing grave robber dubbed ‘The Vampire of Nuremberg.’ Not only did he steal the personal belongings of the dead, but The Vampire also exhumed, mutilated, molested, and gnawed upon the bodies. In some cases, he arranged the desecrated corpses in ritualistic scenes, frightening those who came across them.

Then in late April 1972, Markus Adler and his fiancee, Ruth Lissy, were unlucky enough to cross paths with the grave robber. A desperate manhunt followed, which led to a peculiar individual named Kuno Hofmann.



Casefile Presents



Research & writing – Milly Raso

Creative direction – Milly Raso

Narration – Anonymous Host



‘Flatline intro’ and ‘Come play with me’ intro and outro –

Audio production – Mike Migas 

Scoring – Mike Migas 



Logo and website design – Paulina Szymanska




Totmacher 1: The Vampire of Nuremberg and other sinister criminal cases of German serial killers – Gerd Frank



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Vampire – The Ottawa Citizen

Assumptions about Kuno – Spiegel



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