Case 189

JoAnne Chambers

When JoAnne Chambers was hired to teach at Coolbaugh Learning Centre in Pennsylvania she arrived with glowing reviews from her former school. So when an anonymous harasser began targeting the popular school teacher, she was left stunned.

As the effort to tarnish her reputation turned into death threats and dangerous traps, JoAnne feared for her life. But who exactly had it out for her and why? JoAnne had her suspicions… a rival colleague named Paula Nawrocki.



Casefile Presents



Research & writing – Jessica Forsayeth

Creative direction – Milly Raso

Narration – Anonymous Host



‘Flatline intro’ and ‘Come play with me’ intro and outro –

Audio production – Mike Migas 

Scoring – Mike Migas



Logo and website design – Paulina Szymanska




Nawrocki acquitted in stalking – The Morning Call

A trial worthy of Perry Mason – The Morning Call

Famous case changed teacher’s world – The Morning Call

Teacher: stalking case taking away her good name – The Morning Call

It’s round 2 in Pocono stalking case – The Morning Call

Pocono teacher wasn’t maliciously prosecuted, lawyer says – The Morning Call

Teacher faces trial in stalking – The Times-Tribune AP

Ex-police chief testifies evidence let to 1 suspect – The Morning Call

Accused stalker says victim framed her – The Morning Call



Sealed with a kiss – Medical Detectives





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