Case 205

Bernd Brandes

*** Content Warning: cannibalism, mental illness, torture, suicide ***

On March 9 2001, 43-year-old computer engineer Bernd Brandes disappeared from his home in Berlin, Germany. Although his absence was extremely out of character, investigations into his whereabouts proved unsuccessful. 

Eighteen months later, a curious medical student began searching online forums and came across some disturbing interactions. After alerting authorities, the tale that emerged was almost too unbelievable to be true. It involved a historical manor house, a torture room, cannibalism, and a German man named Armin Meiwes.



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Rammstein – Mein Teil (English Translation)



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Alleged cannibal says victim wanted to be killed and eaten – Washington Post

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Germany’s ban on movie lifted – Associated Press

Cannibal of Rotenburg given life term at retrial – The London Times

‘Friendly and polite’ German cannibal who ate a man he met online has been allowed out of prison on day trips while wearing a disguise, police reveal – Daily Mail

A macabre task to discover if ‘cannibal cop’ ate his victim – The Independent

German policeman convicted of killing man from cannibal website – The Guardian



Armin Meiwes – Interview With A Cannibal



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Cannibal – Lois Jones

Interview With A Cannibal – Günter Stampf



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