Case 217

Kathleen Marshall

*** Content Warning: animal cruelty ***

In March 1998, members of the Cat Protection Society in Brisbane, Australia were shocked at the murder of one of their own, a 52-year-old Veterinarian named Dr Kathleen Marshall. An outspoken crusader for animal rights, Kathleen seemed an unlikely target for such a brutal assault.

However, in the course of the investigation, it soon came to light that not all was as it seemed amongst the Cat Protection Society. With in-fighting and power struggles, the finger was clearly pointed at another member, Virginia Houston, as being the prime suspect. Investigators were certain she was responsible as well until a chance meeting with a member of the local Spiritualist Church, an accomplished palm reader named Andrew Fitzherbert.



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Wilston, Queensland 



Forensic Investigators: Kathleen Marshall



R v Fitzherbert [2000] QCA 255 (30 June 2000)

CA No 283 of 1999

Supreme Court at Brisbane

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