Case 22

Marguerite Edwards

August 2, 1989, started out like any other day for the Edwards family. 41-year-old Marguerite Edwards dropped her three daughters at school in Sydney’s eastern suburbs, before running some errands around Bondi. 

However, when the school bell rang out to signal the end of the day, Marguerite was nowhere to be seen. This was completely out of character for the devoted mother, who was never late to pick up her children. A neighbour drove the girls home instead, but when they found the front door open, they knew something was terribly wrong. 



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‘Chrysalis’ – Benjamin Mathews

The suspects: True Australian Thrillers – Season 1 Episode 2



Coroner’s report 



Following newspaper articles from the Sydney Morning Herald Newspaper
– Saturday, August 5th, 1989
– Wednesday, August 9th, 1989
– Sunday, December 17th, 1989
– Thursday, 31st May 1990
– Tuesday, January 12, 1993
– Wednesday, 13 January 1993
– Thursday, January 14th, 1993
– Saturday, 27th of November 1993

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