Case 223

The Kuřim Case

*** Content Warning: child victims, child abuse ***

When Czech Republic man Eduard Trdý inadvertently intercepted the video feed of his neighbour’s security camera in May 2007, he was so alarmed by the footage that he contacted the police. Officers soon arrived at the home of Klara Mauerova, only to make a shocking discovery regarding her two young sons and her recently adopted teenage daughter. 
As investigators delved further into the case, they discovered a group of offenders who were tied together by a nearly unbelievable web of deceit.



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Kurim Case Indictment – Novinky

Trial Judgement (Judge Pavel Göth), 24 October 2008 Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 – Diehaus, YouTube

Appeal Judgement, 7 Tdo 869/2009, 2 December 2009



‘Anička’s’ letter dated May 15, 2007, received by the Ombudsman, Dnes and the President



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