Case 23

The Frankston Serial Killer

(Part 1)

In early 1993, Frankston resident Donna received a series of unnerving prank calls. Afraid of being home alone, she accompanied her boyfriend during his pizza delivery shift, only to return home to find her worst fears had come true. Her pet cats had been killed and written in blood on the lounge room wall were the words: ‘Donna, you’re dead.’

This marked the beginning of a five-month crime spree that terrorised locals and resulted in the murders of three young women – Elizabeth Stevens, Deborah Fream and Natalie Russell. The perpetrator was dubbed ‘The Frankston Serial Killer’ but who was he, and when would he strike again?



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The Frankston serial killer – by Vikki Petraitis



Forensic investigators season 1, episode 1 – Paul Denyer



The following newspaper articles from ‘The Age’ as found on

– Wednesday, June 16, 1993
– Sunday, July 11, 1993
– Monday, July 12, 1993
– Wednesday, July 14, 1993
– Friday, July 16, 1993
– Sunday, July 18, 1993
– Sunday, August 1, 1993
– Monday, August 2, 1993
– Saturday, December 11, 1993

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