Case 235

House of Horrors

*** Content Warning: child victims, child abuse, incest, extreme sexual violence, domestic violence, suicide ***

[Part 3 of 3]

More disturbing secrets are unearthed at 25 Cromwell Street as the investigation into Fred West leads detectives into the remote English countryside. Fred steadfastly asserts that his wife knew nothing of his crimes, and tight-lipped Rose maintains her innocence.

As the “trial of the century” looms, prosecutors have little to implicate Rose in any murders aside from circumstantial and similar fact evidence. Will it be enough?



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Fred & Rose: the full story of Fred and Rose West and the Gloucester House of Horrors – Howard Sounes

Out of the Shadows – Anne West

Inside 25 Cromwell Street – Stephen & Mae West

The One That Got Away: My Life Living with Fred and Rose West – Caroline Roberts

The Cromwell Street Murders: The Detective’s Story – John Bennett

Happy Like Murderers – Gordon Burn



The early days: Idyllic village childhood hid a darker side – Independent

Fred West’s brother-in-law claims serial killer was behind his own sister’s death – Express UK

Fred West’s brother denies incest claims – Hereford Times

How the Cumbie chased Fred West out of town; notorious killer fled as razor gang vowed vengeance – Scottish Daily 

Fred and Rosemary West’s daughter describes what it was like growing up with serial killer parents –

‘He was the epitome of evil’: Fred West biographer sheds light on notorious killer and new police probe – Independent

Fred West: a glimpse of extreme evil – The Guardian

A killer and a sex offender, drawn together by evil – Express UK

There’s nobody home – The Guardian

The horrific secrets of 25 Cromwell Street – Independent

Fred and Rose West’s children – who are they and what happened to them? – Mirror UK

Nanny who worked for Rose and Fred West reveals how sadistic couple tortured and abused her then threatened to bury her ‘with hundreds of others’ at House of Horrors – DailyMail UK

Witness describes assault at Cromwell Street on herself and naked girl – The Herald

Inside 25 Cromwell Street: The ‘genial neighbour’ at No 25 – Independent

Inside the Cromwell Street murder investigation – The History Press

Jury hears killer’s voice describe how victims were strangled, dismembered, and buried. Monologue of murder – The Herald

Britain’s worse serial killers haunt a city, decades after their grisly crimes – 9News

Inside Fred and Rose West’s ‘House of Horrors’ where they tortured and murdered victims – Daily Star

Where did Fred and Rosemary West live and can you visit their ‘House of Horrors’? – Metro

Fred and Rose West’s sick games left victims strung up with ‘torture masks’ and nose pipes – Mirror

Victims ‘blame’ for the deaths. Mother tells of her hunt for missing daughter – The Herald

‘We thought my sister had run away… but she’d been murdered by Fred West’ – The Telegraph

Making a monster: ‘Rose and Fred West’s daughter Heather saved my life after I heard her being raped night after night’ says teen lodger – The Sun

Haunted Tara West tells for the first time of her desperate search for love and a new life but admits ‘I still can’t believe that Rose killed anybody’ – FreeLibrary

Staring into the eyes of evil made it tough to be a parent – Daily Mail UK

How Mae West survived her terrifying childhood as a daughter of twisted serial killers – The Chronicle

A horror story – City Journal

Where is Rose West now? Is serial killer wife of Fred West still alive, does she have kids – what did she do? – National World

Fred West: What we know about Mary Bastholm – Independent

Fred West: First look inside cafe cellar at heart of police search for suspected teenage victim – Independent

‘I can still taste the fear’ – The Guardian

Fred West: family of suspected victim are ‘sad’ remains not found – The Guardian

My terrifying glimpse of the monster inside Fred’s brother – The Free Library

Fred West’s brother found dead hours before end of rape trial – Irish Times

Killer ‘Queen’ – Inside Rose West’s luxury 26-year prison stint from lesbian flings to ‘dead Fred’ chats and breakfast with Baby P’s mum – The Sun

Rose West and Myra Hindley ‘ended prison love affair after row over who was most famous’ – Mirror



Behind Closed Doors – interview with Anne West

When Fred met Rose 

Lost Girls – Channel Four

Public Eye: The Cromwell Street Murders – BBC 2



The Cromwell Street Enquiry – Gloucestershire Police

Transcript of police interview with Rose West

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