Case 240


*** Content Warning: child victims, suicide ***

By late 2016, Jason and Brandi Worley’s marriage was crumbling. Regardless of what happened between them, they promised to always put their two children, Tyler and Charlee, first. 

Meanwhile, a user going by the name of JasonInHell logged onto Reddit and clicked on a forum titled: relationship_advice.



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Woman killed her children, planned to kill self 2016 – Journal and Courier

Mother pleads not guilty to murder – Journal and Courier

Ind. mother pleads guilty to fatally stabbing her two children – Journal and Courier



Montgomery Co. mother charged with two counts of murder in deaths of her daughter and son – WRTV

Police: Mom admitted to killing 2 kids – Journal and Courier

Mom who killed kids after husband asked for divorce gets 120 years in prison – The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

I failed to protect them: Dad’s heartbreaking posts after wife stabbed two young children to death over divorce – Mirror UK

Indiana mother pleads guilty to fatally stabbing her 2 children in 2016 – IndyStar



JasonInHell’s original Reddit post: “I’m [30/m] having a hard time coping with my wife [29/f] having cheated on me with our neighbor [51/m]” – r/relationship_advice

JasonInHell’s second Reddit post: “[Update] I’m taking your advice” – r/relationship_advice

JasonInCode’s final Reddit post: “An Update from JasonInHell” – r/relationship_advice



Brandi Worley 911 call

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