Case 244

Engla Höglund & Pernilla Hellgren

*** Content Warning: child victim, child sexual assault ***

On April 5 2008, 10-year-old Engla Höglund went missing while cycling home from soccer practice near the small Swedish town of Stjärnsund. As news spread, a witness came forward who had captured Engla in a photograph just moments before she disappeared.

The image not only revealed an instrumental clue but also led to the stunning discovery that whoever had taken Engla Höglund was also responsible for the unsolved murder of 31-year-old Pernilla Hellgren in the Swedish city of Falun eight years earlier.



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Judgement against Anders Eklund, Falu Tingsratt District Court

Examination of the police and the prosecution into the murder of Pernilla Hellgren – Aklagarmyndigheten (the Public Prosecutors Officer)

Court of Appeal Judgement, 2013-T 3967



He was warned by police before the arrest – Expressen

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It was after the car accident that everything happened – VG

Tomas got the killer and Engla in the picture by chance – Expressen

Collection of articles from The Local, regarding Engla’s case

Engla-mamma Exclusive to VG Nett – VG 

Engla’s room remains as it was – Exressen

Isabelle, 21, about best friend Engla – Aftonbladet

Collected on panties – Aftonbladet

Anders Eklund wanted to invite Engla’s mother to the prison – Aftonbladet

Sister about the grief after the murder of Engla – Expressen

Anders Eklund beaten bloody – wants the culprits moved – tekdeeps

Engla’s mother receives leave to appeal – Aftonbladet

Pernilla’s father: “You live with this every single day” – Expressen



Engla’s Mumma – Carina Höglund 

Thoughts of everything between heaven and earth – Carina Höglund 

I’m Sol, Engla’s sister – Sol Höglund – Nyheter24

Sol Höglund – Sol Höglund 



Anders Eklund police interrogation – YouTube (The Crime Archive on TV4) 

Engla’s Funeral – YouTube (part 1 and part 2)

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