Case 255

Rudolf Rupp

When 52-year-old German farmer Rudolf Rupp failed to return home from a night out drinking in the town of Neuburg an der Donau, several questions were raised. Had Rudolf accidentally driven into the nearby Donau River? Had he taken his own life? Or was he the victim of something more sinister? 

The police turned to Rudolf’s wife Hermine and their two daughters, Manuela and Andrea, for answers, opening up a can of worms that no one could have seen coming.



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A German judicial scandal



“No spurting bleeding – Spiegel Panorama

Father had abused daughters – Spiegel Panorama

Horror scenes on the farm – Spiegel Panorama

Rupp owed 882,000 marks – Donaukurier

Farmer Rudi, a horrible murder and the false confession – Spiegel Panorama 

In case of doubt against the accused – Spiegel Panorama 

The riddle of Rudolf Rupp – Spiegel Panorama 

“You needed confessions” – Spiegel Panorama 

Court acquits Rupp family in case – Spiegel Panorama

And start again – Donaukurier  

Presiding judge under fire – Donaukurier

Rupp case: serious allegations – Donaukurier

“Mountains of lies” confuse investigators – Donaukurier

“One of the most bizarre criminal cases” – Donaukurier

Guilty but not guilty – Donaukurier

Suicide unlikely – Donaukurier

“Strudel of tall tales” – Donaukurier

“There was never any pressure – Donaukurier

Hermine Rupp freaks out – Donaukurier

Strangled or suffocated? – Donaukurier

All locks of the Mercedes intact – Donaukurier 

Glitches and sloppiness – Donaukurier 

More and more mysteries in the Rupp case – Donaukurier

The Rupp case: who invented the horror story? – Donaukurier

Aftermath in the Rudolf Rudd case –  Donaukurier

Tough struggle for compensation –  Donaukurier 

The final judgement has been pronounced –  Donaukurier 

“I’m afraid of such a police force” – Donaukurier 

“Completely unprofessional – Donaukurier  

Always trouble with the prosecutor – Süddeutsche



Comparing injustices: truth, justice, and the system – Albany Law Review

European Court of Human Rights (60879/12) – Court (Fifth Section) – Decision – RUPP v. Germany 

Feeling guilty: little effect on false confession rate – Psychology, Crime & Law 

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