Case 259

Jamie Lavis

*** Content warning: Child victims, child sexual abuse ***

When eight-year-old Jamie Lavis failed to return home on Monday, May 5 1997, his family quickly raised the alarm. Soon, it seemed as though all of Greater Manchester was searching for the missing boy – including a bus driver named Darren Vickers, who came forward to say he’d seen Jamie on his bus that day. The 27-year-old bus driver quickly became one of the Lavis family’s biggest supporters, but investigators were suspicious of him from the very beginning…



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Bus driver ‘lured boy to his death’ – The Guardian

Mother denies affair with man accused of murdering her son – The Guardian

Truly wicked: bus driver who abused and killed little Jamie gets life – The Mirror

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Life sentence for long-term inmate’s prison hammer attack on child killer – The Northern Echo

Convicted killer in dramatic confession – BBC News

Bus driver gets life for boy’s murder – The Guardian

‘He should never be released’ – Manchester Evening News

Bus driver ‘ruffled murdered boy’s hair’ – BBC News



The last picture – Evening Mail 

Mother still hopes for ‘loveable little rogue’ – The Guardian

‘Did you kill Jamie?’ police ask bus driver – The Birmingham Post

Shallow grave may hold missing boy – The Guardian

Police fear the worst in search for Jamie – The Daily Telegraph

Police search for boy’s body – Cambridge Evening News

‘Grave’ tip-off in Jamie Hunt – Evening Post

Police hunt for grave of Jamie in TV tip-off – The Birmingham Post

Hunt goes on for Jamie – Birmingham Evening Mail

Bus driver and family arrested in Jamie case – The Birmingham Post

Six arrested over missing boy – The Guardian

Jamie police release six – Liverpool Echo

Man held on missing boy – Birmingham Evening Mail

Bus driver charged over boy – The Guardian

Missing Jamie: body found on golf course – Cambridge Evening News

Jamie’s death: man is charged – Burton Mail

Man charged with murder of Jamie, 8 – Cambridge Evening News

Bus driver accused of boy’s murder – Scunthorpe Evening Telegraph

Funeral for boy – Evening Post

Bus driver befriended boy victim, court told – Birmingham Evening Mail

Busman ‘groomed boy for murder’ – The Birmingham Post

Driver killed boy who spent day on his bus, says QC – The Daily Telegraph

Bus driver killed Jamie then helped in search for body – Daily Record

Life for little Jamie’s killer – Evening Standard

Life for killer who wept on TV for Jamie – Daily Record

Driver accused of child killing had an affair with victim’s mother, court told – The Birmingham Post

Bus driver gets life for boy’s murder – The Guardian

Life for twisted driver who seduced and killed toddler – The Birmingham Post

Driver gets life for murder – Evening Post

Life for bus driver who lured Jamie to his death – The Daily Telegraph

Mum’s agony at sex killer’s lies – The Sunday People

Killer jailed for life finally confesses – The Daily Telegraph

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