Case 266

Circleville Letter Writer

In March 1977, school bus driver Mary Gillespie started receiving threatening letters delivered to her home in Circleville, Ohio. It wasn’t long before her husband, Ron Gillespie, also received the letters which accused Mary of having an affair with the local school superintendent, Gordon Massie.

When Mary Gillespie found a threatening sign hung from a fence post on her school bus route, she tore it down, only to find a booby trap inside, designed to kill her. Who wanted to target Mary? Investigation of the booby trap pointed to a prime suspect close to home, her brother-in-law Paul Freshour.



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A special thank you to author, journalist and private investigator Martin Yant for his assistance in sharing resources for this episode.



Paul Freshour Wife – Circleville Letter Writer Karen Sue Freshour



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Freshour given prison term – Chillicothe Gazette

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Circleville Police looking for tips in unsolved 1980 homicide of 25-year-old teacher – abc6

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Letters continue raising doubt about convict’s guilt – The Columbus Dispatch

Could a serial killer be responsible for a Circleville elementary teacher’s murder? – 10 WBN



Unsolved Mysteries – S07, E06

48 Hours – The Circleville Letters

Whatever Remains Podcast – Circleville Letters, episode one



State of Ohio vs Paul L. Freshour – Pickaway County Court of Appeals 1985 Case no: 83-CA-32

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