Case 268

Colleen Stan

*** Content Warning: Extreme sexual violence, captivity ***

[Part 2 of 2]

As the years of abuse, torture and confinement to the bed box continued for Colleen Stan, she remained paralysed by her fear of The Company. But one thing changed. Her captors Cameron and Janice Hooker slowly started granting Colleen small privileges, including time outside of their Red Bluff trailer. Did this mean they were finally going to set their slave free?



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Research & writing – Milly Raso

Research – Jessica Forsayeth

Creative direction – Milly Raso

Narration – Anonymous Host



‘Flatline intro’ and ‘Come play with me’ intro and outro –

Audio production – Mike Migas 

Scoring – Mike Migas



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Chicoan’s been missing for 5 years – Enterprise-Record

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Sex slave suspect’s link to Chico case detailed in court documents – Enterprise-Record

Sex slave sentence: 104 years in prison – Enterprise-Record

Hooker found guilty of 10 sex slave counts – Enterprise-Record

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People v. Hooker (1988)

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