Case 274

Benjamin Amato

*** Content warning: Child victim ***

On November 16 2001, two state troopers from the Pennsylvania State Police arrived to conduct a welfare check at the Poconos Mountains home of 52-year-old Benjamin Amato. Friends and neighbours had reported their concerns after noticing Ben’s car in his driveway for several days, but no sign of Ben himself. 

What they found inside the house led to an investigation full of twists, with one question at the core – could Ben’s ex-girlfriend, Cheryl Kunkle, have something to do with Ben’s death?



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Commonwealth V. Kunkle



Snapped – Cheryl Kunkle

Heart of Darkness – Murder in the Poconos



Murder victim had $500,000 socked away – Pocono Record

Records suggest monetary motive in alleged murder plot – Pocono Record

Woman is bound over in alleged murder plot – Pocono Record

Death penalty sought in double murder – Pocono Record

Murder probe leads to charges of child porn – Pocono Record

Monroe man faces trial in deaths of ex-girlfriend, infant – The Morning Call

Rowe accuses his mother of killing ex-girlfriend, baby Pocono Record

Rowe sentenced to life in prison – Pocono Record

Witnesses say Poconos murder victim didn’t seem to be afraid – Pocono Record

Prosecution leads jury on ‘dark voyage’ – Pocono Record

Video shows murder scene, body on second day of trial – Pocono Record

Accused killer’s son testifies against her – Pocono Record

Ex-cop Testifies In Murder Trial Of Ex-girlfriend – Times Leader

Suspects ex-boyfriend testifies in homicide trial – The Morning Call

Murder trial testimony could could end this week – Pocono Record

Witness: Murder weapon burned – Pocono Record

Kunkle guilty of murder – Pocono Record

Kunkle gets life for killing ex-boyfriend – Pocono Record

Monroe woman gets life in prison – The Morning Call



Monroe man’s death was homicide – The Morning Call

Effort woman wanted hit man for her ex boyfriend, police say – The Morning Call

Former cop who dated Kunkle takes stand – The Morning Call

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