Case 279

Zebb Quinn

In early January 2000, residents of Asheville, North Carolina, were told to be on the lookout for 18-year-old Zebb Quinn after he failed to return home after finishing his shift at Wal-Mart. A co-worker of Zebb’s, Robert Jason Owens, claimed that Zebb had sped off after receiving a mysterious message on his pager. 

Two weeks later, an unexpected breakthrough in the case presents some bizarre clues. But as twist after twist emerges, the prevailing question remains – did Zebb Quinn leave of his own accord, or was he the victim of foul play?



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State of North Carolina VS Robert Jason Owens

Jason Owen’s written “confession – Buncombe County DA via X



A Good Kid: The 22 Year Murder Mystery of Zebb Quinn



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In teen murder plea deal, defense claims love triangle motive; prosecutors skeptical – Citizen Times

Buncombe Co. man admits to killing, dismembering pregnant TV chef, husband – WACH Fox 57 

Compassion, Empathy May Have Led to Murders of ‘Food Network Star’ Contestant and Husband, Say Friends – People 

Food Network finalist, husband killed; neighbor charged – USA Today

911 transcripts with ties to Codd murder case reveal fear – WCNC

Mother of missing 18-year-old addresses deaths of couple – WYFF4

Murder suspect had troubled criminal history – Citizen-Times

Man admits killing Food Network contestant and husband, burning bodies in wood stove – CBS News



Buncombe family trying to find missing teen – Asheville Citizen Times 

Missing Buncombe teenager’s car found – Asheville Citizen Times

Police, family puzzled by Arden teen’s disappearance – Asheville Citizen Times

Mom: Quinn clues wanted – Asheville Citizen Times

Mom aches for missing son Zebb – Asheville Citizen Times 

Investigations continue in disappearances of 3 area men – Hickory Daily Record

A mother pleads: Where is my son? – Asheville Citizen Times 

Lipstick drawing, pager messages, puppy all part of case – Asheville Citizen Times 

Authorities, family remain baffled at disappearance – Asheville Citizen Times

Quinn: Family wants answers year after disappearance – Asheville Citizen Times

Missing: James Spivey’s loved ones still hope he’ll come home – Asheville Citizen Times

Buncombe man hurt in wreck as he flees police – Asheville Citizen Times

High speed chase suspect arrested – Asheville Citizen Times

Cadets treat mother of missing man – Asheville Citizen Times

Police release tape in case of teen’s disappearance four years ago – Asheville Citizen Times

Police shoot video in search of Quinn disappearance clues – Asheville Citizen Times

New search made for vanished Quinn – Asheville Citizen Times

Cold case revisited – Asheville Citizen Times

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Parent seeks easing of a nightmare – Asheville Citizen Times

Officer adopted pup in victims car – Asheville Citizen Times

Slayings – Asheville Citizen Times



The Charley Project – Zebb Wayne Quinn

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