Case 28

Lindsay Buziak

24-year-old Lindsay Buziak loved her job as a Vancouver Island real estate agent and was looking forward to carving an impressive career for herself. So in early 2008, she was eager to please when she received a phone call from a woman who had recently relocated to the area and wanted Lindsay’s help in finding a one million dollar property that was available immediately. 

On February 2, Lindsay organised to meet the woman and her husband at a house in the suburb of Saanich. She was a little sceptical as to why the couple had sought her help in particular and as a safety precaution, she asked her boyfriend Jason Zailo to wait in his car outside. It turned out that Lindsay was right to be concerned.


This is an update on the Lindsay Buziak case (24.08.2016)


This is an update on the Lindsay Buziak case (27.01.2019)



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