Case 281

Bibaa Henry & Nicole Smallman

*** Content warnings: Racial violence, sexual assault ***

In June of 2020, London social worker Bibaa Henry decided to celebrate her 46th birthday with a picnic at scenic Fryent Country Park. Celebrations continued late into the night until Bibaa and her younger sister Nicole Smallman were the only partygoers remaining.

When both failed to return home the following day, their family was quick to raise the alarm. Their search would lead to a teenager who believed he’d made a deal with the Devil…



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Research & writing – Erin Munro

Creative direction – Milly Raso

Narration – Anonymous Host



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Scoring – Mike Migas and Andrew Joslyn



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Nicole Smallman and Bibaa Henry murders ‘devastating’ – BBC

Wembley stabbing: sisters pictured dancing with fairy lights before double murder in London parkIndependent

Smiling sisters dance together in a park – hours later they are both found dead – The Mirror

‘Piercing scream’ heard on night two sisters were stabbed to death, court told– The Standard

Passer-by spotted bodies of murdered sisters lying in park the day before police discovered them – The Daily Mail

Wembley double murder: Two sisters stabbed to death in park were ‘killed by a stranger– The Standard

Wembley ‘murder’: Friend describes ‘dread’ after sisters didn’t return home after birthday party – My London

Wembley park stabbings: Boyfriend screamed after finding sisters’ bodies – BBC

Boyfriend ‘screamed and fell to knees before bodies of partner and sister’ – Central Fife Times

Worried friends found murdered sisters in Fryent Park hedge – Harrow Times

Jury sees moment teenager ‘bought knife from Asda that he used to stab two sisters, 27 and 46, to death – The Daily Mail

Teenager appears in court over ‘unprovoked and random’ killing of two sisters – Express and Star

Met PCs suspended over photos of double murder scene – BBC

Wembley park murders: PCs ‘took selfies next to sisters’ dead bodies’ – BBC

Satanic forums visited by a killer uncovered – BBC

Facebook just booted a Satanist accused of inspiring a man to kill 2 women – Vice

Wembley park stabbing deaths: Sisters killed in ‘sacrificial deal’ – BBC 

Wembley park stabbings: Shovel found in accused killer’s wardrobe, jury told – BBC

Wembley park stabbings: Accused ‘bought lottery tickets after killing sisters’ – BBC

Danyal Hussein: A teenage murderer with far-right links – BBC

Haunting images of dancing sisters on night they died shown in court – Shropshire Star

Teenager jailed for life after murdering sisters in his satanic lottery blood pact – Berkshire Live

Teen Satanist Danyal Hussein looked at dead body pics and put on anti-terror plan before murdering sisters in demon pact – The Sun

One in billion DNA match links teenager to sisters’ murder in Kingsbury, court told – Kilburn Times

Distraught mum blasts ‘deluded’ Danyal Hussein – The Sun

Bibaa and Nicole: The life after death of two sisters – BBC

Wembley park stabbings: Danyal Hussein guilty of murdering sisters – BBC

Wembley park killings: Danyal Hussein jailed for life for murdering sisters BBC

Danyal Hussein: Teenager who killed sisters in Wembley park found guilty of double murder – The Standard

Danyal Hussein: Teenage Satanist jailed for life for murder of sisters in Wembley – The Standard

Inside twisted life of Satanist killer Danyal Hussein – The Sun

Facebook and Instagram remove ‘magician’ who incited murder – BBC

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Satanic double murder victims’ mother and Labour MP demand Apple and other tech giants hand over ‘dangerous’ suspects’ data – The Daily Mail

Met officers guilty of misconduct after sharing photos of murdered sisters – The Guardian

Metropolitan police failed family of murdered sisters, watchdog finds – The Guardian

Bibaa Henry and Nicole Smallman: Met apologises on anniversary of murders – BBC

Bibaa Henry and Nicole Smallman: Met Police apologise to family of murdered sisters – BBC

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Mina Smallman: ‘I know what Sarah Everard’s parents are experiencing’ – BBC

Mother of murdered sisters tells of zeal for life of her ‘girls’ – The Guardian

Killer cult that hates women – The Mirror

Mother of Bibaa Henry and Nicole Smallman says race means their deaths weren’t taken seriously – Independent

‘You have to let the anger go’ – The Guardian

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R v Lewis Jaffer

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