Case 283

Kris Kremers & Lisanne Froon

When Dutch friends Kris Kremers and Lisanne Froon set out for a six-week adventure in Panama in 2014, they were ready for the trip of a lifetime. But after failing to show up for a planned tour in the mountain town of Boquete, search parties sprung into action.

Had the two young women gotten lost while hiking the popular Pianista trail, or was something more sinister at play?



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Research & writing – Elsha McGill

Creative direction – Milly Raso

Narration – Anonymous Host



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Audio production – Mike Migas 

Scoring – Mike Migas and Andrew Joslyn



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Search for missing girls in Panama 

Find Lisanne & Kris 

Answers for Kris 

Diary entries of Kris and Lisanne 

Interviews with Kris and Lisanne’s parents 

Items Uncovered: Backpack & Contents Analysis – Imperfect Plan



Lost in the Wild – Hike into Hell 

News from Dutch investigators – AVROTROS 

Dutch reporter in Panama, interview with tour guide F – NOS

Interview with Lisanne Froon’s brother Martijn and uncle Jan

Peter Froon – “We will stay here in Panama until you have been found, as long as it takesAVROTROS 

Interview with Hans & Roelie Kremers – Vermist 

Lisanne Froon – Break Free



Timeline of Kris and Lisanne’s search – TVN

Man advised ‘tired’ Kris and Lisanne to take a taxi – AD

Dutch players will wear bracelets in support of Lisanne and Kris – TVN

20,000 Euros for Kris and Lisanne – NOS

Report confirms that Dutch women were not on the mountain – TNV

Rescue experts admit failures in Dutch case – TNV

The Lost girls of Panama: The Full Story – The Daily Beast

Did a Serial Killer Stalk the Lost Girls of Panama? – The Daily Beast 

The Lost Girls, the Bones, and the Man in the Panama Morgue – The Daily Beast

Murderous Vacations: Serial Killers Stalking the Panama Highlands – The Daily Beast

How do you live without hope – NRC

What do the bones tell us? – Jürgen Snoeren

Parents of Dutch women dissatisfied after new findings – TVN

Lawyer: path is not for Dutch women to get lost – TVN

Taxi driver investigated in Dutch case dies – TVN 

Rescue team was close to missing Kris and Lisanne in Panama – NOS

Family: Kris and Lisanne probably died in an accident – NOS

‘Hopefully the conclusion will contribute to processing’ – NOS

Two girls who never came home again – NOS

Lisanne Froon buried on Friday – RTV Utrecht 

Many questions remain about their fate – NOS

Suspicion of Panama crime strengthened by family – The Algemeen Dagblad 

Working out all night for missing Kris and Lisanne – The Algemeen Dagblad 

When you talk about them, you do something for them – NRC

‘Rescue team could not save the lives of Kris and Lisanne – Tubantia 

The Daily Beast series about two Dutch girls, Lisanne Froon and Kris Kremers, is revisited in a new book, “Lost In The Jungle,” by authors Marja West and Jürgen Snoeren – The Daily Beast

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