Case 285

Louise Ellis

*** Content warnings: Domestic violence ***

When freelance writer Louise Ellis disappeared after leaving her Ottawa home on April 22 1995, the person leading the search for her was her devoted partner, Brett Morgan. But Brett’s criminal background made investigators suspicious and he found himself feeling more like a suspect than a victim.

When he was approached by an aspiring private investigator named Marie Parent, the case suddenly took a very different turn…



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Creative direction – Milly Raso

Narration – Anonymous Host



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Woman’s killer gets 10 years – Edmonton Journal

It was her time, accused said – Edmonton Journal

Ottawa woman vanishes in Gatineau Hills – The Ottawa Citizen

Police search secluded lot – The Ottawa Citizen

Searchers fail to find woman – The Ottawa Citizen

Distraught boyfriend mounts a lone search for missing Ottawa woman – The Ottawa Citizen

He knew he’d be a suspect – The Ottawa Citizen

Ellis possessions pawned by Morgan – The Ottawa Citizen

Few samples sought from victim’s car, court told – The Ottawa Citizen

An undefeated spirit – The Ottawa Citizen

Ellis’s husband unnerved private eye – The Ottawa Citizen

A deadly romance, Crown says – The Ottawa Citizen

Morgan guilty of murder – The Ottawa Citizen

Private eye felt Morgan hiding truth – The Ottawa Citizen

‘Unusual’ articles found in car, slaying victim’s sister testifies – The Ottawa Citizen

Woman’s nightmare came true – The Ottawa Citizen

Suspect led police to girlfriend’s body – The Gazette

Morgan paid man to write bad cheques – The Ottawa Citizen

A stormy year – The Ottawa Citizen

Murder trial hears evidence of financial affairs – The Ottawa Citizen

Police had trouble telling Ellis bones from pine branches – The Ottawa Citizen

Morgan owed Ellis ‘a lot of money’, witness testifies – The Ottawa Citizen

Distraught Morgan tried to kill himself, court hears – The Ottawa Citizen

Friend suspicious about phone call after disappearance of Louise Ellis – The Ottawa Citizen

Louise Ellis remembered as passionate, spiritual – The Ottawa Citizen

Remains confirmed as those of Ellis – The Ottawa Citizen

Police ignored other suspects, murder trial told – The Ottawa Citizen

Morgan told CBC-TV reporter he hired detectives, inquest told – The Ottawa Citizen

Crown targets bad cheques in Ellis case – The Ottawa Citizen

Morgan did poor search for wife, court hears – The Ottawa Citizen

Bank transactions made Morgan murder suspect – The Ottawa Citizen

‘This relationship will either kill me or cure me’ – The Ottawa Citizen

Officers watched murder accused take up new romance – The Ottawa Citizen

Brush hid stolen Jeep, witness testifies – The Ottawa Citizen

Friend thought Louise Ellis was visiting former partner – The Ottawa Citizen

‘I didn’t kill Louise’ – The Ottawa Citizen



Mother of four tells how she turned sleuth to catch a killer and solve an Ottawa murder – National Post

The story behind the story –



The case of Louise Ellis – Murder She Solved

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