Case 289

Stephen & Carol Baxter

When Mersea Island couple Stephen and Carol Baxter were found dead in their favourite recliner chairs in April 2023, there were no visible injuries or an obvious cause of death. Their house was immaculate, and nothing appeared to be missing. The case was initially ruled “unexplained, but not suspicious” until a few unusual discoveries were made.



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Sentencing Remarks



“Cold, calculated” killer convicted of the murder of Carol and Stephen Baxter – Essex Police



Mersea couple found dead at home leaves community in shock – Daily Gazette

Millionaire couple found dead at their £1m Essex home ‘after carbon monoxide leak’ – The Standard 

West Mersea Stephen and Carol Baxter inquests opened – Daily Gazette

Mersea Victory Road deaths spark murder investigation – Daily Gazette

Mersea murder trial witness rules out victims’ suicide pact – Daily Gazette

The double killer who poisoned married couple in plot to steal company – and watched them die on secret camera – Independent

Mersea couple trusted murder suspected ‘completely’ court hears – Daily Gazette

West Mersea: murder suspect remains in custody over couple’s death – BBC

Mersea murder defendant ‘grossly stupid’ if he kept evidence – Daily Gazette

Mersea murder defendant’s fingerprints ‘found on fentanyl patches – Daily Gazette

Mersea murder suspect searched how to change voice on call – Daily Gazette

Man ‘poisoned couple with fentanyl before rewriting their will on his phone’ – Independent

D’Wit ‘had habit of popping up’ at Mersea couple’s home, court hears – Daily Gazette

Alleged fentanyl killer was like a brother to couple’s daughter, trial told – Independent

Alleged fentanyl killer was ‘weird’ and visited couple’s home every day, daughter tells courtIndependent

Mersea murder suspect accused of faking identity to trick victim – Daily Gazette

Fake will was written day after millionaire couple were found dead at their home – Mirror UK

Fentanyl killer created 20 fake identities to change couple’s will before murdering them – Telegraph

The astonishing lengths fentanyl killer Luke D’Wit went to in order to ‘brainwash’ Essex couple – ITV

Mersea murder defendant accused of harming woman in February 2022 – Daily Gazette

Mersea murder defendant forged will with ‘no logic’ to it, court hears – Daily Gazette

Mersea murder trial – D’Wit accused of lying about cancer diagnosis – Daily Gazette

Mersea murder trial – Baxters gave D’Wit £1,500 in year before death – Daily Gazette

Mersea murderer took mum out for ice cream as his victims died – Daily Gazette

Character witness in Mersea murder trial speaks about suspect – Daily Gazette

Chilling voice notes of handyman, 34, who adopted 20 alter egos before poisoning couple – The Sun

Role-playing fentanyl killer Luke D’Wit one of the most dangerous we’ve faced, say Essex Police – ITV

Mersea murder trial day 4 – Ellena Baxter gives evidence – Daily Gazette

Mersea murder trial day 6 – police give evidence – Daily Gazette

Mersea murder trial day 7 – D’Wit messages read to court – Daily Gazette

Mersea murder trial – prosecution call expert witnesses – Daily Gazette 

Mersea murder trial – live updates from day 10 – Daily Gazette

Fentanyl double murderer may have been driven by desire to control, says judge – Irish News

Mersea murderer Luke D’Wit sentenced to 37-year jail term – Daily Gazette

“Cruel and senseless” killer jailed for 37 years for murdering Mersea Island husband and wife – Essex Police

IT worker found guilty of murdering married couple with fentanyl – Shropshire Star

Luke D’Wit: Fentanyl killer who poisoned millionaire couple and faked will to steal company is jailed – Yahoo News

‘I begged them to wake up’: Daughter of fentanyl-poisoned couple describes horror moment she found them dead – The Standard

‘I found Mum and Dad lifeless in their favourite chairs. Now I wonder if their fentanyl killer was drugging me too’ – Daily Mail

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