Case 44

Peter Falconio

*** Content Warning: gun violence ***

The desert roads of the Northern Territory are as long as they are desolate. If you stand still, the loudest sound you’ll hear is your own heartbeat. For British tourists Peter Falconio and Joanne Lees, the prospect of driving from Adelaide to Darwin along the expansive, open road was the thrill of a lifetime and unlike anything, they’d ever experienced before. 

On Saturday, July 14 2001, the couple set out on the Sturt Highway in their orange Volkswagen Kombi, bound for the Devils Marbles Conservation Reserve. Little did Peter and Joanne know, their once-in-a-lifetime journey would soon turn into a nightmare.



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“And then the Darkness” by Sue Williams – the disappearance of Peter Falconio and the trials of Joanne Lees
“The killer within: Inside the world of Bradley Murdoch” – by Paul Toohey
Catching Bradley Murdoch: tweezers, pitchforks and the use of DNA sampling – by Jeremy Gans (2007)



Joanne Lees regrets affair



Joanne Lees interview 2002

Whilst not a source for this episode, the Australian Film ‘Wolf Creek’ was loosely based around/inspired by this case. For those who are game to watch

‘Crimes that shook Australia’ documentary 



Colleen Gwynne’s account of the case. Audio

Joanne Lees interview 2002



Timeline: Peter Falconio murder

Peter Falconio Disappearance

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