Case 50

Jennifer Pan

*** Content Warning: gun violence ***

On the evening of November 8 2010, 25-year-old University of Toronto student Jennifer Pan was relaxing in the bedroom of her family home in the Ontario neighbourhood of Unionville. Her parents, Bich Ha and Hann Huei, were also home at the time. Suddenly, Jennifer heard unfamiliar voices downstairs, followed by thudding footsteps. She immediately knew that something was very wrong. 

What followed was a brutal home invasion with devastating consequences. As detectives began digging into the case, they made an alarming discovery that would captivate the nation.



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“A Daughter’s Deadly Deception – The Jennifer Pan Story” by Jeremy Grimaldi



911 Call

Full Jennifer Pan Police Interviews

Excerpt of Daniel Wong Police Interview



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Chris Selley: No sense living in fear of random attacks – National Post

Daughter charged in deadly Markham home invasion – National Post

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Police arrest fifth person in relation to home invasion that left 53-year-old dead – National Post

Straight A student to murderer: Tragedy of ‘golden’ daughter’s fall resonates with Asian immigrants – National Post

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Jennifer Pan found guilty of murdering her mother, attempting to murder her father – The Star

Jennifer Pan: Life with no parole for 25 years in murder of mother, attempted murder of father – The Star

Pan played ‘sickest games’ with boyfriend, trial told – Toronto Sun

Woman plotted to have her parents killed because they disapproved of her boyfriend, Crown tells trial – National Post

Christie Blatchford: Horrific home invasion was really a bitter daughter’s revenge on her parents, jury hears – National Post

Jennifer Pan spun web of lies before her mother’s home invasion killing, father tells murder trial – National Post

Young Ontario woman accused of plotting parents’ murder says she was planning her own death – National Post

Jennifer Pan previously planned to kill parent, but she had ‘no plan’ to do it the night it actually happened, Lawyer tells court – National Post

Woman accused of arranging to have parents murdered sobs as she describes hearing mother’s ‘last breath’ – National Post

Jennifer Pan found guilty in attack on parents that left her mother dead – National Post

Jennifer Pan, Toronto woman whose plot to kill parents left mother dead, gets life in prison – National Post

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