Case 53

The Golden State Killer

*** Content Warning: serial rapist/killer, sexual assault, stalking, disturbing audio clips ***

[Part 6]

This is the final instalment in a Casefile series that was first released in 2017.

It covers recent developments in the case and mentions incidents detailed in previous episodes. If you haven’t already, we recommend you go back and listen to the first five parts of Case 53: The East Area Rapist before proceeding with Part Six.



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‘I’ll Be Gone in the Dark: One Woman’s Obsessive Search for the Golden State Killer – Michelle McNamara 



Shoelace as evidence in the East Area Rapist case – FBI



Auburn Policeman Faces Disciplinary Procedures – Auburn Journal, August 22 19

Auburn Policeman Dismissed in Shoplifting Accusation – Auburn Journal, August 29 1979

Capital Court Ponders Auburn Policeman Fate – Auburn Journal, October 26 1979

Jury Finds Policeman Guilty of Shoplifting – Auburn Journal, October 31 1979

Policeman Drops Appeal Plans – Auburn Journal, November 7 1979



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Visalia Ransacker survivor opens up about terrifying attack that left her father dead – Oxygen

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Frozen in time: the DNA sample that led to the arrest of Joseph DeAngelo – ABC 10

After Arrest Of Suspected Golden State Killer, Details Of His Life Emerge –

East Area Rapist investigator recalls nearly knocking on suspect’s door – SF Gate

The Golden State Killer is tracked through a thicket of DNA, and experts shudder – New York Times

Suspected ‘Golden State Killer’ seemed shocked by arrest’ – ABC News

Suspected East Area Rapist Missing Part Of A Finger – CBS Sacramento

After searching for more than 40 years, authorities say an ex-cop is the Golden State Killer – CNN

Suspected Golden State Killer’s love Bonnie revealed – The Daily Mail

Inside ‘Golden State Killer’ suspect’s life in jail’ – ABC News

To find alleged Golden State Killer, investigators first found his great-great-great- grand- parents’ – The Washington Post

Why ‘Golden State Killer’ may have stopped murder spree: Investigator – ABC News

The Suspected Golden State Killer Witnessed Two Men Rape His Sister. It May Have Fueled His Rampage – BuzzFeed News

Must Reads: Why did it take so long to arrest the Golden State Killer suspect? – Los Angeles Times

Why did the Golden State Killer stop (assuming he did)? – The Mercury News

Golden State Killer: Police took DNA from car as suspect shopped in Hobby Lobby – USA Today

Liam Bartlett: The Golden State Killer ‘should’ve been arrested decades ago’ – 9Now

Affadavit: Golden State Killer suspect’s DNA obtained while he shopped at Hobby Lobby – AJC

Meet Joseph DeAngelo, the elusive Golden State Killer – All That’s Interesting

Meet Sharon Huddle – All That’s Interesting

How did police finally catch the alleged Golden State Killer and bring him to trial? – Women’s Health

Sleeping In Separate Bedrooms: What We Know About Golden State Killer Suspect Joseph DeAngelo’s Marriage To Sharon Huddle –

The woman behind the scenes who helped capture the Golden State Killer – The Mercury News

Exclusive: Sacramento cops arrested Golden State Killer suspect in 1996, then let him go – The Sacramento Bee

Disturbing sex life of Golden State Killer revealed –

Joseph James DeAngelo pleads guilty to 13 murders tagged to California’s ‘Golden State Killer – USA Today

Golden State Killer pleads guilty to murders and other crimes that terrorized California – LA Times

Golden State Killer has history of faking insanity, feebleness, prosecutor says – SF Gate

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