Case 66

The Black Widow

North Carolina residents James Napoleon Taylor and Raymond Reid died 13 years apart from seemingly natural causes, and doctors felt there was nothing suspicious about their deaths.

But when another man was admitted to hospital with an apparent case of food poisoning, it triggered an investigation that would expose a shocking link between all three victims.



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Female Serial Killers

State v. Moore

Blanche Taylor Moore timeline

Arsenic Deaths: Trail Leads To Preacher’s Wife

Blanche Taylor Moore remains on death row after 25 years

Blanche (Kiser) Taylor Moore



Women and The Death Penalty in the United States 1900–1998 – by Kathleen A O’Shea

Historic Alamance County: An Illustrated History – by William Murray

Killer Church Lady – The true story of Blanche Moore – by Katie Stone



Burlington History

Montgomery Is Sly And Chilling As Arsenic Killer

Pastor’s Wife: Arsenic and Old Lace?

Blanche Moore can sometimes look through a thin strip of unpainted window and see birds flying past

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Woman Poisoned Ex-Boyfriend; Also Charged in Husband’s Death – Los Angeles Times

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Black Widow Murders: The Blanche Taylor Moore Story (1993)

‘Black Widow’s’ Ex-Husband Reacts To Death Row Challenge

A Very Giving Person – The Blanche Taylor Moore Story

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