Case 98

The Pillow Pyro

*** Warning: This case involves a child victim ***

On the night of October 10 1984, a fire broke out at Ole’s Home Centre in South Pasadena that claimed the lives of four victims – Ada Deal, Matthew Troidl, Carolyn Kraus and Jimmy Cetina. Glendale arson investigator John Orr suspected the blaze had been deliberately lit, but his theory was dismissed and the fire was ruled a tragic accident. 

Over the years that followed, a series of arson fires occurred throughout California that were started using a signature incendiary device set alight in piles of polyfoam. As arson investigators throughout the state tried to identify and apprehend the elusive Pillow Pyro, a suspect emerged in the most unlikely of places.



Casefile Presents



Research  & writing – Elsha McGill

Additional editing – Milly Raso

Narration – Anonymous Host



‘Flatline intro’ and ‘Come play with me’ intro and outro –

Audio production – Mike Migas 

Scoring – Mike Migas and Andrew Joslyn



Logo and website design – Paulina Szymanska

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