Casefile: Truth & Deception board game

Wealthy businessman Casey Parker has been MURDERED! You and a dedicated team of private detectives have been hired to solve the case. The only problem? The suspect list is long and the list of potential evidence is even longer. Who’s on your side? Who can you trust? 

Be the first to solve the mystery when you -order Casefile: Truth & Deception, the riveting, endlessly replayable strategy board game based on our podcast! Put yourself in the detective’s shoes with Casefile: Truth and Deception. Using 44 beautifully illustrated cards, players take turns trading evidence to get closer to the truth.

But remember this is a game of deception as well. Someone might plant false evidence to throw you and the other detectives off track. Be the first detective to solve this crime by correctly naming the suspect, weapon, motive, and location of Casey’s murder and bring the killer to justice!

Same victim. Different crime. Will you solve it first?

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