Foundations related to Casefile Episodes

The following is a list of charities and foundations that were either established in the aftermath of crimes we’ve covered, or provided support to those associated with cases. Casefile recognises the hard work each does to raise awareness, offer support, assist others, and educate the community. If you wish to donate to or learn more about a particular charity, please visit their website below.

Case 33: Jaycee Lee Dugard

The JAYC Foundation

Case 43: Keith Warren


The Keith Warren Justice Foundation

Case 45: Port Arthur

Alannah and Madeline Foundation

Case 48: Suzy Lamplugh

Suzy Lamplugh Trust

Case 54: Daniel Morcombe

Daniel Morcombe Foundation

Case 56: Anita Cobby

Grace’s Place

Case 57: Walsh Street

Blue Ribbon Foundation

Case 65: Allison Baden-Clay

The Allison Baden Clay Foundation

Case 91: Carly Ryan

The Carly Ryan Foundation

Case 107: Lucie Blackman and Carita Ridgway

LBT Global

Case 117: Hannah Foster

The Hannah Memorial Academy

Case 122: Leeann Lapham

White Ribbon

Case 123: Mark Kilroy

Mark Kilroy Foundation

Case 146: Brittany Phillips

Caravan to Catch a Killer

Case 158: Russell Martin

Missing Persons Advocacy Network (MPAN)

Case 163: Joanne Ratcliffe & Kirste Gordon

Leave a Light On

Case 179: Christie Marceau

The Christie Marceau Charitable Trust

Case 202: Moira Anderson

The Moira Anderson Foundation

Case 233: Denise Amber Lee

The Denise Amber Lee Foundation

Case 238: Renae Marsden

Criminalising Catfishing Petition


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