Case 123

Mark Kilroy

*** Content Warning: extreme violence, sexual assault, animal cruelty ***

When 21-year-old Mark Kilroy and a group of his friends headed to South Padre Island in Texas for Spring Break, all they had in mind was sun, sand and celebration. However, when they crossed the border into the Mexican city of Matamoros to party with their fellow college students, things soon took a dark turn. 

Mark Kilroy became separated from his friends and couldn’t be found. A large scale search commenced in both Mexico and the United States as authorities feared Mark had fallen victim to a drug-related robbery. What followed was an international manhunt that took detectives into the grisly world of Palo Mayombe rituals, sinister cult practices and human sacrifice. 



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Writing – Elsha McGill and Milly Raso

Creative direction – Milly Raso

Narration – Anonymous Host



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Passport to Murder: Mark Kilroy

Deadly Cults, season 1, episode 4: Palo Mayombe 





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