Case 62

The Honolulu Strangler

*** Content Warning: serial rapist/killer, sexual assault ***

Between 1985 and 1986, five young women went missing on the Hawaiian island of Honolulu. The victims – Vicki Purdy, Regina Sakamoto, Denise Hughes, Louise Medeiros and Linda Pesce – were each found strangled to death with their hands bound behind their backs. 

The murders were the work of the state’s first known serial killer, who was dubbed The Honolulu Strangler. The attacks shocked Hawaiians and marked the end of innocence in the laidback paradise. Would investigators be able to catch the killer and restore Honolulu’s idyllic image?



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Map of the attacks



Honolulu Homicide: Murder and Mayhem in Paradise – Gary A. Dias and Robbie Dingeman



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Murder victim’s brother says revisiting cold case could finally lead to closure – KHON2

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The following articles from the Honolulu Star Newspaper archives;

  • December 18th 1985
  • January 18th 1986
  • January 27th 1986
  • April 5th 1986
  • April 9th 1986
  • May 2nd 1986
  • May 4th 1986
  • May 6th 1986
  • May 10th 1986
  • May 14th 1986
  • January 1st 1987
  • September 3rd 2000
  • July 22nd 2001



Murder victim’s brother says revisiting cold case could finally lead to closure

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