Case 165

Nicholas Barclay

In 1994, 13-year-old Nicholas Barclay disappeared after playing basketball with his friends in his home town of San Antonio, Texas. Years went by with no sign of him. Just when his family thought all hope was lost, in October 1997 they received a call from a police officer in the Spanish city of Linares. Nicholas had been found wandering the local streets, alive and well.

A harrowing and unbelievable story soon emerged, involving an international paedophile ring, torture, a homicide investigation, and a troubled family. At the heart of it all was a man named Frederic Bourdin.



Casefile Presents



Research & writing – Jessica Forsayeth

Creative direction – Milly Raso

Narration – Anonymous Host



‘Flatline intro’ and ‘Come play with me’ intro and outro –

Audio production – Mike Migas 

Scoring – Mike Migas and Andrew Joslyn



Logo and website design – Paulina Szymanska




Nicholas Barclay



Frenchman, 24, poses as missing teen – The Monitor

The lost boy – The Age

The Chameleon The New Yorker

The elaborate imposter: Conman, 30, fools family into think he is their missing teenage son – The Mirror UK



The Imposter – A&E Indie Films, Film 4 and Channel 4

Mystery of missing boy Nicholas Barclay and his imposter Frederic Bourdin – 60 Minutes Australia

Frederic Bourdin – The man who changed his identity 500 times – BBC Mundo

Nicholas Barclay interview 1997 – KENS 5 Eyewitness News





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